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BoxAid: Empowering Communities, Restoring Nature
BoxAid is an international organization fostering empowered communities and environmental restoration through a holistic approach. We promote self-sustenance among individuals, families, and communities, building bridges and fostering unity. Committed to protecting the environment, we actively engage in eco-friendly activities to mitigate climate change's impact.

Formerly known as Lishe Ya Damu, meaning "nutrition for the blood" in Swahili, BoxAid charity emerged from our founder Katriel's journey. Inspired by her own experiences as an orphan, Katriel formed our organization to alleviate the struggles vulnerable individuals worldwide face. Our mission focuses on providing essential needs like food, shelter, and clothing to enhance the quality of life for the impoverished and terminally ill, aiming to rescue humanity from societal ills.

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We work to empower people, provide necessary resources, and promote sustainable development through our holistic approach, enabling them to create a better and more equitable future.

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