Box-Aid: Eliminating Global Issues, Bringing People Together

Get to Know Us: The Compassionate Minds of BoxAid

Katriel's life story is a testament to resilience and compassion. Orphaned at 9 years old, she turned her struggles into fuel for change. Her first act of kindness came from a place of deep understanding; giving her lunch - a simple jam sandwich wrapped in a newspaper - to a hungry street child. That single act was the first step to a wider initiative, igniting a lifelong mission to uplift the vulnerable and fight societal ills like poverty and homelessness.

Fueled by a heartfelt desire to make a difference, she turned her attention to the pressing issue of malnutrition in her community, an issue resulting in life-threatening conditions such as Kwashiorkor. This project gave birth to Lishe Ya Damu, or “food for the blood” in Swahili. Over time, Katriel’s mission blossomed into BoxAid to cover not only nutrition, but also all other essential human needs such as shelter and clothing. Today, Katriel leads BoxAid with the same unwavering commitment to humanity and the planet.

Who We Are and What We Stand For

BoxAid is more than a non-profit; it's a community united by empathy and a drive to uplift the vulnerable. We offer holistic support, from providing sustenance to skill-building for people without homes all while caring for our planet. Our team is diverse but united in purpose: to leave no one behind.

We don't just talk about change; we make it happen.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: BoxAid is committed to improving the quality of life for the vulnerable while protecting our planet. We focus on poverty relief, social justice, advocacy, inclusivity, healthcare, skill-building, and environmental sustainability.

Vision: We aspire to be "boxed in humanity," a global community where everyone unites under compassion and action. We envision a world where societal progress is measured not just by wealth but by the well-being of all its inhabitants.


We're not just filling plates; we're filling lives with hope. We tirelessly work to banish hunger and malnutrition with sustainable solutions.


We’re equipping marginalized individuals and communities with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed.


We offer more than just a roof; we offer a sanctuary. With safe shelter and essential amenities, we're helping people rewrite their futures.

Medical care

We're here to ensure everyone gets the medical attention they deserve, from essential services to preventive and palliative care.

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Alice Boyd, co-founder

Our Goal:


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We can create a ripple effect of compassion and change by extending a helping hand, offering support, or spreading kindness.

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